Monterey Bay Aquarium

Last day of the weekend and it was as eventful as all the other days. Today I went to Monterey with Michael, a three hour drive just to enjoy marine life. I had a great time watching the animals. We started with the sea otter feeding. They were given a frozen ice cube with shrimp in it and the four otters put a lot of effort into getting those shrimp out. They banged them on the window and twirled around in the water, adorable. But don’t forget folks, even if they are cute and hold hands while sleeping to not drift apart, they do rape baby seals. They are not small either, they were gigantic and weighed up to 50lbs. This was the first time I saw them walking on land and I was surprised at how they moved, they resemble seals in so many ways, but also looks like big ferrets and also a little bit like a badger. Funny animals.

Then we went to the deep sea section where the humongous octopus were and also the jellyfish. I loved the jellyfish, their bright red color against the very blue background, truly beautiful!

Then we saw the kelp forest and reef animals and lastly a very colorful tank with Nemo and Dory in it. Very cute indeed. I think I need to rewatch Finding Nemo very soon!

And lastly we saw the penguins getting fed.

Afterward we had a late lunch at Bubba Gump and walked through the wharf quickly and then drove back. It wasn’t a bad drive, with good music and company it didn’t feel like almost 3h (or however long it took). Back home I hung out with Aidan for a while and as usual we had deep conversations about life. I really enjoy those.

Now I am so ready to start a new week, but after all these shenanigans this weekend I kinda feel like I need another weekend to chill, haha! I also hate to admit that I feel a cold sneaking up on me… I really hope that is just allergies, it would be so typical to be sick again just as I have gotten back into working out.


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