Montaña de Oro

German friends mean spontaneity and as I Swede I can’t say anything else than that I love it! I didn’t have anything planned today than just chilling, maybe enrolling in that online space class that I wanna take, The Violent Universe. But then David asked me if I wanted to tag along to Montaña de Oro. A little bit later we were in Los Osos at the beautiful state park. Before going down to the beach we stood and watched out over the water and we saw two whales, small ones, so either babies or a smaller type of whale. They were breaching and it was so incredibly cool! I haven’t seen whales since Maui more than a year ago. When the whales were out of our sight we slid down a sand dune and walked along the beach for a while, looked in the tide pools, and enjoyed the nature. It was kinda windy, but not too bad. It was cloudy as well. The good weather will be back on Monday according to Google Now.

We took another way up, a wider sand dune, but it was still very hard to go up, my thighs were burning from trying not to slide down in the loose sand. That was the workout of the day.

We then followed a trail back to the car and continued to drive to Spooner’s Cave which is a beach in the park. We hung out there for a bit, building rock towers and breathing in the fresh saltwater air.

They dropped me off at PCV where I made dinner and have been painting my nails while watching Grimm. Now I am thinking of either going to bed or playing some GW2. I will most likely make myself a cup of tea, eat some fudge and play!

 The snake-formed path is where we came down. I have to admit that it was very fun!

 We walked through an eucalyptus forest on the way back to the car.

 Spooner’s Cove.

 David, Thiago (from Brazil), and Alex.

 The boys climbing up on this rock. I would have followed if I didn’t have newly washed and very very tight jeans, I am 113% sure they would rip if I tried that climb, so I sat on the beach looking for pretty rocks.

My second attempt at a rock tower (I did one on the other beach but that wasn’t whole-heartedly).


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