The P

Another ”I finally did it” happened today. I finally hiked the P, one of the closest hikes to where I live. On the hillside facing campus (and the rest of the city), there is a big concrete P. I hiked up to it today and then up all the way to the top of the ridge. I sat up there for a long while just looking out over campus, the hills, and the whole City of San Luis Obispo. I can’t get enough of beautiful views!

I didn’t stay until sunset, I got too hungry. It was a pretty short hike and I was up all the way to the top on, I would guess 30 minutes and down in less. A “lagom” hike. But it was very steep and lots of loose rocks.

I had dinner, took a shower and am now doing laundry and thinking if I should be a good student and do Thursday’s reading and quiz. I did Tuesday’s this afternoon. I probably won’t. A movie, some ice cream and then bed sounds like a good Easter Sunday evening.

  Someone repainted the P recently to the colors of the rainbow.

 PCV, the village where I live.

Cal Poly SLO has a very big campus!

 Behind the ridge.

 SLO side of the ridge.

 360 degree panorama.


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