Nail polish and school

This morning was so unnecessary. I usually have a two hour lecture in Digital Cities, but this morning we had a lab instead. We were gonna research a city given to us, groups of three. We pretty much did it individually and we are gonna hand it in individually. It felt like such a waste of time going to that class. I could have slept for two more hours…

At 11am I was interviewed by the College of Engineering which is writing an article about international engineering students. Then I spent 40 minutes in the library reading my book. And then my second class of the day, Land Use and Transportation Studies. I almost fell asleep. I need to go to bed earlier!

Last class, as always this quarter, German. The midterm is coming up very fast so I have been studying all night. Except when I procrastinated and painted my nails. This time I put a pattern on there, first time and I have to say that it looks pretty good. A very light purple grey color with a little silver in the corner.

I also finished the lab we started this morning and sent it in. Five days early. That has never happened before!

I’ve done my share of German today, so now I will go to bed and hopefully fall asleep right away. Goodnight!

The light isn’t the best, but you get the idea! And don’t mind the paint outside of the nails, that will be gone tomorrow.


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