Friday night bowling

This morning Toby and I went for our second run this week. I wasn’t too excited when waking up at noon (after 12 hours of sleep), with hurting calves, but we did it, pretty much the same as last time, some walking, mostly running, and then walked through all of Architecture Graveyard. Up there we found some horses and slowly approached them and we even pet them. That was so cool. I have a huge respect for horses (they are huge and strong and love to bite and kick so I have my reasons), but these guys were friendly and didn’t mind posing with us. It was pretty awesome.

After a well-deserved shower my roommates and I went downtown for a little bit of shopping and then I just spent an hour or two in my bed watching Arrow. At 8pm we were a bunch of people going to the UU to bowl. For once I sucked big time! Like really really much! The person who came second to last had 30 more points than I. Embarrassing. I am usually pretty good at bowling and at least get over 100p, but today it was just 52. We played another game and I did as bad. BUT, my second to last turn I got a spare with zero the first try (so that is a strike). And my next time, the last of the whole game, I made two strikes in a row (three in total in a row which must be a record for me), and I ended up third instead of sixth. That was amazing! It was a very great evening.

We walked home and now I am ready for bed. The beach (and Matt, I haven’t seen him since Wednesday morning) is waiting for me tomorrow.

 SLO is so beautiful and green in the winter!

 Toby to the left, and the horse to the right. Or wait, was it the other way around?!

Toby, David, me, Rachel, Lauren, Cody. I played as Zlatan since he is from Sweden. And this shows how badly he sucks! Look at my last two boxes!!


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