New Years Eve

Happy New Year, everyone!

This morning a big cruise ship came in to the bay. Stayed there for the whole day, and all of those on board were of course going to Doc’s Cave beach. The line in was gigantic. So we went to a small entrance to the beach next door, and walk in for free, haha. We stayed for less than two hours, then back to the hotel for Michael to check out. I went back to the beach after that and the rest of the day was just perfect. No clouds, and really warm.

On my way back to the hotel I bought my souvenirs, a bracelet and a magnet. The rest of the evening I watched Despicable Me 2, I read a little bit and napped, until the clock finally turned to 00:00 and I watched the fireworks far away on the other side of the bay, and now I am ready to go to bed!


 Last nights amazing moon over the bay.

 Today’s Jamaican breakfast with fried dumplings, boiled green banana, boiled yam, fried plantains and ackee and cod thing. Real good.

 Doc Cave beach was packed!! Hope it is fewer people tomorrow.

 Blue sky, blue water, beautiful!

 The cruise ship left at 6pm.

 I watched the sunset from my bed!

This is what I saw of the fireworks. Too far away :(.


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