Doctor’s Cave Bathing Club

I love Jamaica! The ocean is the right color and temperature, it is warm and beautiful! The people are extremely laid-back, which I like, but I would prefer if they stayed out of my way. Today a guy popped his head out from a wall and asked me if I wanted to smoke. I think I will get that question at least once every day this week.

We got up at 9 this morning, had an amazing breakfast on the patio. Here we order what we want to have the night before and this morning we had fruit and omelette. So good. This place is really nice!

Then we went down to the main street, asked how much flyboarding was. $90 for half an hour. Not worth it, so we just went straight for the beach, Doctor’s Cave. $6 to get in, and $6 for a sunbed, which was worth it. They are so comfortable. And there we stayed for the whole day. Went into the water so many times. Far out were a pretty nice reef for being downtown Montego Bay (downtown is probably the wrong word since this is not a big place). Took some pictures with the GoPro and read some, and got darker some. It was the perfect day! At 3:30 we took our stuff and went to the beach next to it and went out to sail for an hour. Michael’s biggest interest is sailing, so we went out on a small boat. It was really nice. The water splashing us were so warm, the water was amazingly blue and it was just awesome. We had our GoPro’s and took a lot of photos and videos. Michael is gonna make a video of this trip and I am really excited to see how it turns out.

We had dinner on the beach shortly after and then back to the hotel to plan tomorrow. But first I took a shower in the amazing shower that exists here. I will let the picture explain for itself.

While I was in the shower, Michael went and picked up a car, and I planned our roadtrip tomorrow. We will be leaving at 6am, first go to Dunn’s Waterfalls, then through the middle of the island to check that out and all the way out to the west side of the island and Negril. There is a beautiful beach but also Rick’s Café which is a famous restaurant. They have cliff jumping, and an amazing sunset. We are totally checking that place out. Then back to the airport to return the car and then probably some souvenir shopping for me and GoPro filming.

I am excited! That’s all I am right now, haha! But my life is great and I always have a lot of stuff to look forward to. I love it!


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