Six Flags

My computer is up and running again,and it cost me $45 and I probably could have done it myself to be honest. The problem was a Windows update which fucked some computers up so they wouldn’t start again. Unfortunately mine was one of them. So I rode my bike downtown today after having lunch with Kelsey, Rob and Aiden, and left it there. Right after I got home they called me and told me it was ready. So the only thing they did was to remove the internal hard drive and remove some of the stuff from my C drive so I had enough space to do a computer reset without losing my files. But my programs were lost which is a bit annoying. But at least it’s working again. I could have done this myself, but I didn’t have time. I really had to start on my Sustainable Environments paper today. Tomorrow’s Pint Night and then Wednesday is here. I don’t really feel like doing it now, but I guess I have to. I still feel sick and I just wanna go to bed. I heard from the Health Center today and it seems like I don’t have strep at all. I have a high level of white blood cells, which indicates a bacterial infection, but the penicillin I got isn’t working. My throat is still sore. I wonder what type of monster bacteria this is. I am getting tired of it.

So anyway, this weekend is over. Yesterday I spent six hours in a car and eight hours at SIx Flags. It was fun and I went on four rides in total. It is more than I usually can so I am satisfied. We started with Superman which was just a car being shot out backwards and up a big tower, and then straight down again. I was totally expecting us to go forward so I was kinda surprised when we were shot backwards.

The next one we went on was Tatsu which was really cool. It was a hanging rollercoaster and when we had sat down in the seats they were folded up. So we were facing the ground while riding it. Super scary and the first time I’ve ever been on a rollercoaster like that. The worst part was when there was a back loop.

After that it was time for lunch and we ate at Panda Express. That was good. We wanted to go on X2 after that, but it was closed because it was so windy. A lot of rides were actually closed and the rides with two trains only operated one yesterday. I wonder why. We went to Goliath instead and that was a cool one. The first drop was so high! But with so many G-forces right after lunch I started feeling a bit sick and could only do one more after that. And that was Scream. We were upside down 7 times, but it was a really good rollercoaster. A bit shaky and I hit my ears and earrings a few times and that hurt. After that one I was done for the day. I was the backpack watcher for the rest of the evening. It got a bit cold and the lines got longer, but it was okay. Nothing more I could have done.

 This is the sick back loop.

The Green Lantern. I really wanted to go on this one, but I was feeling way too sick and it was so fast in its turns so it probably wouldn’t have turned out well..

The three other, Toby, Julia, and Cody went on four more rides and then the park closed at 6pm. We drove home and I slept for a while. It was nice.

The day before that I didn’t do anything except playing a few hours of Guild Wars 2 and then went to Avila Beach to watch the sunset with Toby, Lauren and Cody. It was a very beautiful sunset, but we chose the wrong beach because the sun set behind a mountain instead of in the ocean. It was still nice. We had dinner at In n Out in Arroyo Grande and then went home again.

The day before that, Friday, I actually had a date. It was a semi-formal event with Sigma Pi, the frat George is in. I went as his date to it and it was actually a very fun evening. Nothing what I expected, but I had a great time.

I should probably stop writing now and start researching current environmental events and start writing on the paper, which is what I was supposed to do today.


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