Test results

Sorry for the silence the last couple of days, but I’ve been in beed watching movies until I fell asleep. I have finally watched the two Amazing Spiderman movies. I didn’t want to at first because I loved the first Spiderman triology and didn’t want anyone else to take Toby Maguires place as Spiderman. But I have to say that The Amazing Spiderman movies are amazing! I loved them.

Anyway, today’s big event was the email I got this morning. It was from my gynecologist telling me that I still have cell changes, but not bad enough that it has to be removed ASAP. A new test when I get back to Sweden was enough. I am so relieved!! This means that I can go to the Caribbean this winter. I was planning on booking it tonight, but for some reason the time just disappeared so I will do it tomorrow instead.

I got the results for my architecture history class as well and it was okay. I got 41 out of 50 on the multiple choice questions which was a B-. But then I got an F (5/10 = 50%) on the short essay questions. So the resulting grade was 76% and a C. The grades are so high here. 70% on a test is a C, a pass? I feel bad for not getting higher grades (except in the transportation lab where I am doing great). But I at least pass everything. And I found out today that I don’t have to pass all of my credits to stay in the country. I thought I was gonna get kicked out if I failed a class. I am not planning on it, but IF it happened I didn’t wanna worry about this. I just have to make sure that I pass enough classes to be able to enroll in classes for the next quarter. I don’t know how many that is, still waiting for a reply. But now I am calm again.

In the lab in the afternoon I wrote on the paper, I organized a ride for tomorrow’s field trip, and printed package labels for my two packages I’m about to send to Sweden. I am a great multitasker.

After class I made dinner, chicken filet, quinoa, a salad on the side and Famous Dave’s BBQ sauce. Healthy and easy. I did have some ice cream after dinner which probably made the whole dinner unnecessary, but I don’t care. You need sweets once in a while.

And time disappeared after that while I was talking to my roommates. And now I need to go to bed, I am not off tomorrow, I have a lot of things to do. Like go to a “green street” in Paso Robles for my last field trip, run tons of errands with Kelsey, Lauren and Toby and then go to my evening class. I don’t like doing many things in a day. It makes time go by faster and I don’t like that. I don’t wanna leave this awesome place…


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