A normal Tuesday

Today was just a normal day at a Californian university. I got up at 6am, had a little breakfast, went to class, didn’t fall asleep, worked on the transportation engineering project about Swedish roundabouts, had lunch, took a short nap and then back to class where I worked on the second project I have right now. The one about California High-Speed Rail system in transportation engineering lab. Right after that I went to an information meeting with Poly Escapes which is a club here at Cal Poly. They have a lot of outdoor activites throughout the quarter and I have signed up for one and I am on the waiting list for a second one. They are popular, so next quarter I am gonna sign up as soon as they are released. The one I am going to is a surf weekend in Ventura November 8-9. And I am on the waitng list for  a stand-up-paddling weekend in Yosemite Valley. I do hope I get that one, otherwise maybe next quarter.

Right after that I went grocery shopping with Ryan and when I came home at 9pm I finished my part of the 15 page paper (California high-speed rail), watched an episode of The Big Bang Theory and now I will go to bed. Early for once! I can’t sleep in tomorrow though, I am meeting with HSR group at 8am to make the presentation which we will presentin front of the class on Thursday afternoon. I guess I could sleep by the pool after that.


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