A day of studying

I did not do much today on this lazy Sunday (which was my second Saturday). I went up at 9am, had a banana/egg pancake and then wrote on my paper in Transportation Engineering lab. I wrote two whole pages and will probably add a half more tomorrow. I then took a break when I ordered a lot of stuff from Amazon. I got Amazon Prime yesterday which means I can get free two-day shipping. I ordered a mattress pad, 3 inch thick memory foam for $99 instead of $530. I so look forward to when that comes! I also ordered two flags to put up on my walls, a Swedish one and a California Republic one. Pins to put it on the wall, three bathroom baskets so I don’t have to have those things in my desk anymore. I also got a cheap memory foam bathroom rug, a small LED lamp to have by my bed, a dish rack, a small cutting board and a new purse since mine (which I’ve had since like 2009) is falling apart. I also found my black/see-through-neon-green sunglasses that broke this summer and ordered them too. All that for $220, yay!

Then I sat on the couch for a while reading about the old Egyptian kingdom in Architecure History.

At 5pm I went to the library for the first time to study with Johanna and Eric on our project in Transportation Engineering (yeah, it is two different classes, Transportation Engineering and Transportation Engineering Lab). We decided that we wanted to look into the Swedish roundabout and right of way system and compare that to a city of the same size here in California. We are gonna compare to the 4-way stop intersections they have here and maybe take a look at the enviromental impacts. This will be a fun project I think.

After that I got home, Kelsey was baking almond bars, but muffins. They were delicious so I got the recipe. It almost tasted a little bit like marzipan. Yummy! Right after we went to Target so I could buy some food, but I guess Sunday evening isn’t the best of days to go grocery shopping, it was completely empty. So I guess I have to go to Albertson’s tomorrow to buy ground beef and onion and stuff so I can make spaghetti with meatsauce. And since I am almost done with my homework this week (that I know of so far) I will hang out by the pool. I need to work on my tan ;).


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