2nd day of WoW

Another fun and very eventful day is over. I am more tired than ever and will make this quick. The day started with a information meeting with the College of Engineering and then the Civil Engineer department. It wasn’t that interesting, they went through all the CE clubs and we were introduced to all the faculty members.

Lunch with the department after that and I and Johanna talked to the professor we are gonna have in our first course on Tuesday morning, Fundamentals of Transportation Engineering. He seemed cool.

Back home to leave the bike and then to the meeting point for our WoW group. Next on the agenda was kayaking. That was my first time and I went with a guy in my group named Charlie who is from Columbus, Ohio (where I have relatives). We didn’t fall in which was good because the blue sky was gone out over Morro Bay. It was very very dizzy and actually a bit cold. It was fun kayaking though and we saw a lot of sea lions (of course) but also a lot of sea otters. I’ve never seen otters in the wildlife, so it was so cool to see them now. There were a group of like 10 of them lying on their backs grooming and rolling around in the water. So amazing to see! They were big though, probably a meter in length.

Our next thing was a barbecue for all the transfer students. We got hamburger. Back home to change clothes for the next activity WoW-A-Rama. I walked with a guy named Ryan and we talked a lot about everything. We decided that we wanted to ditch WoW tomorrow during the day and hang out at the beach instead. I think I need to take a while off and just relax.

The WoW-A-Rama was fun! 5000 Wowies on the football field (or whatever type of field it was) and we had a leader on a podium telling us to do weird stuff. It was three hours of doing stupid things. We were close to people we have never met before but it was fine because everyone did it. First of all we had to be in straight lines and we had to remember exactly where because after doing a couple of games we were gonna form that exact line again. It was chaos when everyone were trying to find their spot after being away from it for a while. We got paired up with tons of different people, one time on of us was a Mustang and the other person should go on that first person’s back and shoot with the hands up in the air. My Mustang was called Alex as well. He was cute, but he had a girlfriend since he danced when the leader asked if we did (he also asked a lot of other questions). If you agreed you should dance, so you would get to know the people around you. The last thing we did was to find everyone on the field who were born in the same month as you. So we all ran around with fingers in the air representing the number of our month. When everyone was gathered we were divided into two circles, one inside the other. We were facing eachother and walking in different directions. WHen the music stopped we were gonna take stupid selfies of ourselves with that person. I left my phone in the car so I couldn’t take any selfies, but I was on several of them. This was all just to get to know faces and have something to talk about later. So much fun!

I left after that to bond with my roomies, which I really did. Well, how much you can bond with someone in the middle of the night for a couple of hours. We talked a lot and it was nice but I got really tired and we didn’t say goodnight until 1am. And I have to get up at 7am tomorrow to do a hike right behind our house called the Architecture Graveyard. That will be fun. And then I will sleep on the beach for a while. I so look forward to that!

 That big rock is called the Morro Rock and the three towers in the right of the picture are the towers of a power plant in Morro Bay. I didn’t take my phone with me in the kayak so there are no pictures of the sea otters. But I promise, I did really see them and I was as close as 2m away from them.

Okay, so this is Highway 1 and on one side there is the typical Californian nature, the golden hills. On the other side there was a lot of green. So weird how one road can divide the landscape like this. It was completely different on the both sides.

This is a parking lot close to campus and in the background, the grey buildings is Poly Canyon Village, also called PCV. I will take a better picture at the cute little village hopefully soon.


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